Happy Birthday Jordan! So I think you're a very cool guy and so the day when we went to Lindt chocolate place thingy I remember you told me when your bday was. I like doing cool and special things for my friends so I figured hmmm I'll be extra and make him a website! Low-key this isn't really a website because i don't know how to code and shit, but hopefully it looks cool. Anyways, in the spirit of turning twenty, here are twenty things you can/ should do now that you're twenty, or more like cool things you can do and cool things that come alon with being twenty (idk i make no sense). Since you're already an adult, there's nothing suuuuper crazy (like buying a fish) and remember, no drinkin (you must be 21)! Just kidding we all know the truth. Anyways happybday, read on! This is a paragraph! Here's how you make a link: Neocities.


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